A publication where you receive 12 postcards drawn and written by 12 illustrators about their favourite city spots

Una publicación que te permitirá recibir 12 postales dibujadas y escritas por 12 ilustradores desde su rincón favorito de la ciudad

Silke Schmidt (Berlin)

Silke Schmidt tells us about her life, her work and where does she find her inspiration: "my main inspiration source is my daily life which I spend half in Berlin and half in the countryside (in an area called "Uckermark" about 1 hour north of Berlin). All these contrasts like nature vs. technique or noise vs. silence are topics of the woodcuts I do in my studio. These works are my "fine art" works (which I actually studied).
Illustration is my other field of work which I do mainly at home. What I like about illustration is that I see myself as a craftswoman doing her job: I like to work with other people and to discuss ideas or simply chat about this and that :-) (When I'm working in my studio I'm mainly on my own and not even my gallerist is very talkative...) and I like it if they are pleased with my work. Fortunately I have very nice clients!!! In my illustrations I get the most ideas from the area I live in. It is packed with little shops and cafes and lots of children everywhere. So I can basically look out of the window and see people I draw later on. I never studied graphic design or illustration so I try to look at as many things as possible and learn a bit more!"