A publication where you receive 12 postcards drawn and written by 12 illustrators about their favourite city spots

Una publicación que te permitirá recibir 12 postales dibujadas y escritas por 12 ilustradores desde su rincón favorito de la ciudad

Catalina Somolinos (Berlin) - extra suscriptors

"I am Catalina, alias Catilustre. I was born in Asturias (Spain) and after a long time living in Barcelona, where I studied Architecture and learnt something about Illustration, I moved to Berlin in 2009".
"I like to look at landscapes since I can remember. Nature moves me to draw. That could be the basis of my work, even though not the only one or the most productive. I also like to illustrate from inside out, what I imagine or simply some idea, word or text".
"My most loved techniques are watercolour and pencils because of the spontaneity and capacity to relate the light and atmosphere of a place. But sometimes, specially for illustrations, I like the clearness and strenth of gouache and ink too".