A publication where you receive 12 postcards drawn and written by 12 illustrators about their favourite city spots

Una publicación que te permitirá recibir 12 postales dibujadas y escritas por 12 ilustradores desde su rincón favorito de la ciudad

Silke Werzinger (Berlin)

Silke Werzinger knows that she wanted to be an illustrator since she was a child. "I try to do as much as possible by hand and mostly draw with pens. After this, I add things like paper, acrylic paint, felt and colored pencils, scotch tape, etc. Depending on what fits best with that project. Now I am working on a free project called “Little Sweet Hearts.” It deals with the representation of bizarre characters and freaks in the style of idyllic family portraits".
She is not picky to find inspiration: "little things in everyday life, conversations with friends, people on the street, alive places, magazines, books, visits to the flea market, music, sometimes loud, sometimes soft, looking into the sky, letting your mind wander and see what happens".

Why Berlin?
"I spent several months in Berlin in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the city. Since then, I was a regular visitor, until I finally managed to pack my boxes and move here. Berlin radiates a mad amount of life, there is something happening everywhere. I treasure that".