A publication where you receive 12 postcards drawn and written by 12 illustrators about their favourite city spots

Una publicación que te permitirá recibir 12 postales dibujadas y escritas por 12 ilustradores desde su rincón favorito de la ciudad

Mario Wagner (Berlin)

Mario Wagner tells us about his activity as illustrator:"I attain personal balance in creating art, which allows the intangibility of my thoughts and energies to materialize into something outside of myself. I enjoy being the authority that directs the fate and actions of the characters in my stories. My art practice employs analog methods of collage incorporating vintage print media, which requires finesse with scissors and glue. Using these materials allows me to create something new out of something already existing and giving them a totally new life. My influence comes from pop art and the vitality of color". 
Regarding the worlds he creates through his work, he comments: "I create worlds imbued with a sense of cinematic intrigue and sci-fi fantasy that speaks to the era from which I draw reference - a time when futuristic fascination was widespread, space travel was imminent, and the possibilities of technology were limitless. The worlds depict mysteries that border on the eerie, begging at the viewer’s imagination and inviting him to contemplate the origins of the story’s beginning and its probable end. The characters reflect a haunting sense of being watched as they proceed bewilderedly through ominous realms".